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Client Testimonials

The identity of Employee Clients are not disclosed on this website for confidentiality reasons.

Astute, analytic, detail oriented…

Carol is a unicorn amongst lawyers. Astute, analytic, detail oriented, dedicated, feisty, responsive, passionate and most importantly for me compassionate. When your life has completely up ended and you find yourself in a situation you see no way out of, having someone as seasoned and experienced as Carol advocating for you is the lifeline you need. She handled my case with the utmost diplomacy while also recognizing what an emotional and quite frankly terrifying experience it was for me.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carol to anyone looking for an employment lawyer.


Extremely knowledgeable and diligent

In good hands…

I retained Carol Boire when I was advised that my role had been eliminated as a result of a reorganization.  Having never experienced this in my 30-year career, I needed to feel that I had a lawyer I could trust and who would represent my interests fairly.  Carol was the best choice.  Not only did she understand the emotions that one experiences during such a challenging time, but she is caring, extremely knowledgeable  and diligent in everything she does.  I highly recommend Carol to anyone who find themselves requiring the services of an employment lawyer.


Negotiated adroitly on my behalf

I was referred to Carol for assistance in reviewing my termination package, which was complex.  From our first meeting, Carol distinguished herself as someone that I trusted and wanted to work with.  She was empathetic and practical, and provided much-needed context and assurance throughout what (to me) was a new and uncertain process.  I truly valued Carol’s expertise, thoroughness, and candour.  She attentively leveraged her vast experience, introduced new options and considerations that I would never have been aware of, and negotiated adroitly on my behalf to achieve a successful outcome that I am truly pleased with.  Carol was a tremendous partner; she will be my first and only call if I need employment law help again.


Strategically positioned me for my preferred outcome

I went to Carol Boire as a senior executive being pushed out of my company due to a gender pay issue. I appreciated the way Carol really listened to my situation. It can be difficult to discuss legal situations with those around you, and it can be full of emotions, so it was so helpful to be able to speak about it to someone who seemed to genuinely care, and then could give the appropriate legal advice. She provided well considered options and strategically positioned me for my preferred outcome.


Superior listening and negotiating skills

Carol possesses superior listening and negotiating skills which helped settle an agreement between me and my long-term employer. I was wrongfully dismissed and from the start, Carol was empathetic, meticulous and provided expert advice every step of the way. Carol always made me aware of the options available at each critical point in the process. She was never shy in correcting me when I made legal assumptions. In the end, I left my case in Carol’s capable hands and she provided me with excellent representation.


No nonsense business like approach

I was recommended to Carol by another Toronto lawyer. Carol demonstrates at all times during the negotiation process, a profound knowledge and understanding of all facets of Employment Law. Her tireless attention to detail and her no nonsense business like approach combined with a very genuine desire to get the best possible outcome for her client helps to remove a lot of the stress that people understandably go through during the legal procedure.

I found Carol to be a person who operates within the context of a very strict code of ethics, integrity and honesty when it comes to stating what is achievable and what is not achievable.

On top of all this, I found her rates very reasonable and her billing is flawless.

Overall, I was extremely delighted with Carol’s work and I enthusiastically recommend her services to anyone who needs help and sound guidance in any aspect of employment law.


Expeditiously determined a plan of action and efficiently guided me through options

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met Carol Boire.

Carol demonstrated that she is a formidable ally/opponent.

In our first meeting she demonstrated genuine concern for my current legal position, and my personal well-being.

Carol was able to expeditiously determine a plan of action and efficiently guide me through options pertaining to my case, thoroughly addressing any questions or concerns.

Carol consistently demonstrated her unyielding dedication for securing an optimal outcome for my legal situation.

Carol is a principled advocate who subscribes to very high professional standards in both her conduct and work. Carol is tenacious, resourceful and diligent in reviewing all aspects of the case and its execution.

Carol possesses outstanding skills of diplomacy. Carol is highly collaborative and demonstrates both exceptional and creative, problem solving/ influencing skills.

Carol communicated daily regarding my legal proceedings.

I have never met a lawyer with the degree of commitment, integrity, diplomacy and strategic acumen as I have with Carol Boire.


Dedicated, Highly Knowledgeable and Meticulous

I would like to thank Carol for guiding me through my wrongful dismissal case with respect, empathy and honesty during a difficult time.

From our initial consultation, Carol earned my trust and confidence. She always had my best interest at heart and provided candid insight and transparency every step of the way.

My case required an aggressive and persistent approach.

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Carol Boire Employment Law.


Direct, supportive and responsive

When I got blindsided and lost my job suddenly, I felt completely vulnerable, lost, helpless and ashamed. I consulted with a few employment lawyers recommended from people I knew but didn’t feel confident that they understood me. They quoted me some really high prices and took forever to respond to me. Then, I found Carol! She took the time to listen to me and understand what it was that I wanted to achieve and managed my expectations accordingly. She is direct, supportive, responsive and someone you definitely want to have on your side. She advocated for me and gave me a voice so that I could be heard. Thank you, Carol!


Puts the clients needs first and foremost

Carol Boire gets it done.

I highly recommend Carol to anyone who needs an ethical, compassionate and tenacious employment lawyer.

Carol is hard working and puts the clients needs first and foremost.


Professional and Knowledgeable

Carol Boire provided me with the most professional and knowledgeable representation that I have experienced in my many years in the Human Resources field.  As this time I was sitting on the other side of the table as an employee,  I needed an attorney who knew what needed to be done.  Carol listened to me, really understood the issues and concerns, researched the best possible options, and represented me, in what could have been a very long process.   Carol was able to develop a strategic approach and bring my case to a very satisfactory and speedy conclusion.  If you are looking for an extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and diligent attorney, I would highly recommend Carol!


I felt important

Carol Boire offers great service.  Carol is competent, respectful, and intelligent and holds strong knowledge as Counsel in Employment Law.  A great lawyer who took the time to answer all my questions and kept me updated with care and interest. I felt that my case was of importance and that Carol was dedicated to my needs.  Carol provided me with sound advice and help when I really needed it. I found Carol to be very patient and easy to talk with.  She took the time to answer all my questions and put me at ease during a very difficult time.  Carol is a meticulous, hardworking professional and can be relied upon for the best possible results. I would without hesitation recommend Carol Boire to anyone seeking excellent counsel and advocacy in employment law.



I am a satisfied client of Carol Boire. Ms. Boire’s extensive knowledge, high ethical standards, time and cost efficiencies, clear communication and genuine compassion successfully guided me through a difficult situation. Carol’s attentiveness, quick responsiveness and demonstrated intelligence gained my trust completely. I would strongly encourage anyone to seek out Carol Boire for exceptional legal services.


Dedicated and first-rate employment lawyer

I was a 59 year old salesperson with over 10 years of service when I was let go by my company. I retained Carol Boire to represent my wrongful dismissal termination.  Carol Boire was highly recommended to me by someone I knew who had previously used her services.

Carol is tenacious, hard-working and relies on her excellent employment law skills and negotiating acumen. Carol is a dedicated and first-rate employment lawyer.  I am extremely pleased with Carol’s representation and will continue to highly recommend her exemplary services to family and friends.

Empathetic, Passionate and Meticulous

I was a member of the Human Resources Department when Carol Boire represented an ex-employee in a wrongful dismissal matter against our organization. I was so impressed by her tenacity that I called her when I found myself seeking legal advice.

I would highly recommend Carol. I found her to be empathetic, passionate and meticulous.

Knowledgeable and Focused

Carol is knowledgeable and focused. She was able to tease out angles in my case that I would never have considered.  I would definitely recommend her.

An extremely gifted lawyer

I am a senior marking executive who retained Carol Boire for two wrongful dismissal cases.

Carol successfully negotiated a speedy settlement in both cases that exceeded my expectations. Carol is an extremely gifted lawyer who utilizes her vast knowledge of employment law coupled with impressive negotiation skills to achieve great results for her clients. I attribute her success to hard work, a single-minded pursuit of the best possible outcome for her client and her high degree of professionalism.

I highly recommend Carol to anyone who has been wrongfully dismissed.

Excels at her work

Carol excels at her work. She engages clients in a systematic and welcoming manner and helps to ease the anxiety associated with legal issues. Her grasp of detail is exceptional, and she continually keeps one informed about progress. She is businesslike and highly skilled at communication with the counter party as she is with clients. My experience on two occasions with her have been fully satisfactory and I would recommend her without qualification. She bills fairly and really seems to care about her clients. Carol also has a great touch in her interpersonal relations and is always positive in her outlook. She builds trust and confidence quickly and her professionalism and ethics are apparent in every aspect of her work.

Intellect, passion, patience and insightful opinion

I would like to thank you for your experience, intellect, passion, patience and insightful opinion in my wrongful dismissal case.  From the day we spoke on the phone and the in-person meetings to follow, you treated me with dignity and respect. Despite the challenges put forth by opposing counsel, your success in achieving my goal is clearly a testament to your outstanding legal skills, hard work  and tenacity.  I will continue to recommend Carol Boire to friends and family.

Unwavering Sense of Integrity and Fierce Commitment

After losing my director’s position at a major retailers, it was assuring to have my interests so well looked after in the capable hands of Carol Boire.

Carol’s considerable experience became evident as she quickly level set expectations and guided me through the processes, timelines and fee structures.  Additionally, she reviewed precedents and current laws as they applied to my particular situation to help me better understand why challenging the severance package was prudent and in my interest.

What I found most impressive about Carol, however, was her unwavering sense of integrity and her fierce commitment to supporting me and my interests. Losing a job is stressful but the blow can be softened with good representation and this is what I had with Carol.

Guided Through a Wrongful Dismissal Termination

Carol guided me through a wrongful dismissal termination with great compassion and efficiency. I was initially apprehensive of using an employment lawyer due to the fear of runaway costs and possible industry repercussions. Her approach was both professional and non-antagonistic leading to a fast and just result. So much so that my previous employer has hired me back as a freelance consultant! I would highly recommend Carol to others and have done so.

Very knowledgeable, Tough and Thorough

I recently retained Carol to represent me in a Wrongful Dismissal case when I was terminated after over 34 years with the company. I found Carol to be very knowledgeable, tough and thorough as well as very compassionate and understanding. She always kept me well informed and guided me through the entire process. I am very pleased with the outcome and would recommend Carol to anyone going through this situation.

Went the Extra Mile to Obtain Justice

I was employed in a management position and was subjected to bullying and harassment in the workplace.

I retained Carol Boire to represent me. Carol Boire is a passionate and highly ethical lawyer that you want on your side. She helped me through a difficult time in my life and I am grateful to her for obtaining a highly positive outcome for my case. Carol didn’t give up on my case even when it became difficult. She went the extra mile and was able to obtain justice for me where other lawyers would have walked away.

A very sincere thank you to you Carol.

Knowledgeable, Professional, and Empathetic

I am a Pharmacist and was employed by a major pharmacy chain in Canada for over 26 years. I was wrongfully dismissed and was unsure how to handle the situation.

I was very pleased to find and retain Carol as my employment lawyer. She guided me every step of the way and educated me on the nuances of the legal process. She is knowledgeable, professional, and exhibited great empathy towards me. In addition, Carol is a great communicator and was effective in managing my situation and dealing with the opposition counsel.

I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is in need of an employment lawyer.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Carol’s work on my behalf was exemplary. I found her to be professional, caring and always thinking of the best direction we needed to following during our association. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of an employment lawyer.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Meticulous, Passionate, Ethical, Professional, and Demanding

Meticulous, passionate, ethical, professional, and demanding are words to describe Carol Boire.

I had the pleasure of retaining Carol’s services when I was going through a difficult time in my professional life. What touched me most about Carol was her putting my health and recovery as the number one priority.

I have and would recommend Carol Boire to anyone in need of legal advice or service. Carol goes the extra mile and gets the task completed in a timely manner.

Hard Work and Dedication

I retained Carol Boire regarding a wrongful dismissal matter. I was very impressed with her hard work and dedication.

I have highly recommended Carol to others who have all been impressed with the results and I will continue to recommend her to others in the future.

Carol Boire was an excellent choice

I retained Carol Boire because my employer had just terminated me while I was on maternity leave.

Carol Boire was an excellent choice. Carol pursued my case aggressively and as a result, we were able to come to an agreement with the employer within a short time period.

I am very pleased with the settlement she obtained for me.

Provided Strong Legal Advice

I had been working in healthcare at a local hospital for over 20 years when I was terminated. A friend recommended Carol Boire to me. He told me that Carol would promptly be able to tell me if my  settlement was fair and just or whether I had a case.

From the initial consultation through to the resolution of the case, Carol was helpful and provided strong legal advice. She was able to simplify the legal jargon, help me understand the differences between case law and the employment standards in wrongful dismissal situations. She presented a strong argument on my behalf, kept me up-to-date on the responses from the other side, and the options for me at every point in this process. She has the skills and drive to seek the best settlement for her client.

At a stressful time in my life it was so helpful to have Carol as my lawyer. She was professional, knew the law and beyond that, she cared about me, the client.

Extremely Easy to Work with and Very Competent

When my wife needed help with a wrongful dismissal suit, we were referred to Carol Boire by another lawyer. We had Carol negotiate a severance package on her behalf and we were very pleased with the  results.

Almost a year later I needed help with negotiating a retirement package and the text of the agreement and again was very pleased.

Carol is extremely easy to work with and very competent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Carol to anyone.

Extremely Skilled Employment Lawyer

Carol Boire represented me in a wrongful dismissal / human rights case related to my medical condition.

Carol negotiated a settlement quickly. I was very pleased with the outcome and impressed with her strategy, professionalism and strong decision making in such a short amount of time. The results were phenomenal.

I highly recommend Carol Boire to anyone seeking an extremely skilled employment lawyer with a vast knowledge of human rights.

No Hesitation in Recommending Carol Boire

Carol Boire has acted on behalf of the Toyotoshi Group Canada for several years regarding its employment matters. The results obtained by Carol, whether through the negotiation process or in litigation, speak for themselves.

We have the utmost trust and confidence in Carol’s legal abilities because of the work she has accomplished for us over the course of several years. We have no hesitation in recommending Carol Boire.  

Vice President Operations, Toyotoshi Group Canada

Candid and Direct Approach

I thoroughly researched for an employment lawyer who would be best suited to assess my severance package. I was a long term senior management employee of a large corporation.

Right from the start, I respected Carol for her candid and direct approach. I believe that Carol’s experience on both sides enabled her to negotiate an excellent severance package on my behalf in record speed without causing any animosity between myself and the company.

Carol is straight forward and honest and I believe she will only handle cases where there is true merit. I highly recommend Carol Boire.

Hiring Carol Boire Was the Best Decision

I was employed as a Vice President of Retail Consulting for an international company and hired Carol Boire to review my severance package.

Working with Carol Boire, was an incredible experience. Initially as with all things unknown, there was trepidation on my part but Carol was understanding and treated me and my case with the utmost respect and attention. Her professionalism, experience and personal touch made the whole journey a positive one and taught me a lot about what I actually did not know or understand about employment law.

I was very pleased with our working relationship and the outcome. Hiring Carol Boire was the best decision and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent employment lawyer.

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