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Toronto Employment Lawyer

Carol Boire

Carol Boire has been practising law for over 25 years. Carol initially practised law in British Columbia. After relocating to Ontario, she was admitted to the Ontario Bar in 1999 and she has been practising in this province ever since.  Carol practised primarily employment law at a Mississauga law firm for several years prior to leaving the firm to establish her own employment law firm in downtown Toronto.

Carol’s employment law practise includes: terminations, dismissals, wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, severance package reviews, sexual harassment, sexual assault, age discrimination, disability discrimination and other issues arising in the employment law context.

Carol has undertaken extensive mediation training including the Mediation Workshop in the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, ADR Workshop and the Advanced ADR Workshop through the Stitt Feld Handy Group. Carol has also undertaken comprehensive investigations training through the Workplace Institute. Carol’s interest in human rights law dates back to law school when she worked for the British Columbia Human Rights Council providing the Council with legal opinions on various human rights issues. Carol’s experience and skills enable her to achieve  resolutions and negotiate favourable severance packages on behalf of her clients.


  • Admitted to the Ontario Bar in 1999
  • University of Victoria, LL.B
  • Bishop’s University, BA (Major Political Science, Minor Business Administration)
  • Villa Maria High School (High School Diploma)

My Cases

Represented a long term employee, Director,  of a publicly traded company and negotiated an enhanced severance package.

Represented a long term employee, Vice President, of a financial institution in Canada and negotiated an enhanced severance package.

Successfully negotiated a favourable settlement on behalf of a Manager who claimed constructive dismissal and mental distress damages due to the abusive and bullying behaviour of his supervisor.

Co- Represented a female adult seeking inter alia: general damages for sexual assault, breach of trust, and breach of fiduciary duty; damages for negligence; aggravated damages; punitive damages; and damages for past and future loss of income, on account of being sexually abused by a priest when she was a young girl.

Successfully negotiated a favourable human rights settlement on behalf of an employee who had been discriminated against by her employer. The employee had  been diagnosed with a serious medical condition and was terminated shortly thereafter.

Successfully negotiated a favourable settlement on behalf of an ex-employee against her employer, a publicly traded Company, for general damages on account of being sexually assaulted by her supervisor.

Successfully negotiated a favourable severance package on behalf of a short term employee who quit her job and claimed constructive dismissal due to sexual and racial harassment and the Company’s failure to properly address the complaint.

Successfully negotiated an enhanced severance package where the employee had already executed a Full and Final Release.  Negotiated better terms by successfully demonstrating the Full and Final Release was unenforceable.

Successfully defended a Company at Trial (Summary Judgment) against a wrongful dismissal action by establishing just cause.  As well,  facts were discovered post-termination which supported after-acquired cause and the pleadings were amended to include this. The Court found the Company had just cause on the basis of both the facts relied upon at the time of termination as well as on the basis of the facts discovered post termination “after acquired cause”.
Successfully defended a Company at Trial against a claim for wrongful dismissal.  The Company’s defence was that the individual had  “voluntarily quit” which the Court agreed with.

On a Personal Note

Carol enjoys tennis, snowshoeing, and reading.

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