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When To Consult With a Toronto Employment Lawyer

Prior to taking any course of action that may have an impact on your employment situation, it is important to know what your legal rights are. The following is a list of circumstances which should give rise to you wanting to consult with a Toronto Employment Lawyer:

  • Your employment has been terminated;
  • You have been wrongfully dismissed;
  • You have been fired;
  • The Company has alleged just cause and terminated your employment with cause;
  • You have been terminated without cause and provided with a severance package and a Release to sign;
  • You have been terminated and the employer only paid you your statutory amounts pursuant to the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 (or only paid you your statutory amounts pursuant to the Canada Labour Code);
  • You have been terminated and given working notice;
  • You are experiencing harassment or bullying in the workplace from your boss, another employee or one of your superiors;
  • You were off on sick leave or on disability benefits and have now returned to work and your position has changed;
  • You were off on sick leave or on disability benefits and have received a letter from your employer terminating your employment;
  • You have asked for accommodation for a disability from your Employer and your Employer refuses to make such accommodation;
  • You have returned from a maternity leave and your position has been given to your replacement;
  • Your Employer refuses to accommodate your childcare needs and/or elder care needs;
  • You feel that your employer is now asking you a lot of questions about retirement and/or is now all of a sudden having issues with your performance;
  • You feel that your superior is treating you differently than your co-workers because of your race, colour, creed, origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, etc.;
  • Your co-worker, supervisor, or another superior in the Company made inappropriate sexual comments to you, or inappropriately touched you, or physically assaulted you, ie. slapped you, pushed you, punched you, etc.;
  • Your supervisor, or another supervisor in the Company or a co-worker sexually assaulted you;
  • You have been employed by the Company with no written Employment Agreement and your Employer has now asked you to sign an Employment Agreement;
  • You signed an Employment Agreement prior to being hired. You have now been employed for a period of time and your Employer has asked you to sign a new Employment Agreement;
  • Your Employer has now presented you with a Non-Competition Agreement to sign;
  • Your Employer arbitrarily makes changes to your employment such as offering you a new position within the Company or asks you to accept a demotion;
  • You are afraid that your employment may be terminated in the near future;
  • You have been placed on a Performance Improvement Plan (“PIP”); or
  • You feel your Employer is treating you unfairly in an effort to get you to resign from your employment.
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